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Cricut Expression Firmware 2.3 Download

I used method 1 to connect my cricut expression to sure cuts a lot. The cricut cutter showed up and seemed to install correctly, but when I go to cut, it gives me an error message saying there is no recognized cutter and to check my USB connection, unplug the cricut and USB, wait 10 seconds, then plug back in. I tried both suggestions and am still getting the same error message. Do you have any advice of what I can try?

Cricut expression firmware 2.3 download

could you let me know how to get the old version of firmware for my cricut? I accidentally updated my firmware and I am unable to use sure cuts alot. I have read that you can download the old version of design studio trial but I am unable to locate this. Pls help!

I think I might have updated my Gypsy incorrectly because I now have two editing areas and can't pull up any of the files that I have saved to use with my cricut expression. I'm afraid to do anything at this point because I'm afraid it will wipe out my cartridges on my gypsy and I won't be able to reload them again. I love my gypsy. I can do things 10 times faster than I can in Craftroom and I can do it from anywhere.

Has anyone recently (2014-2015) tried to download the 4 files from at -designstudio-reg-support/ to update Cricut Design Studio from the original disk/old version and then tried to use SCAL2 to cut with the Cricut Expression (the older version). Does it work?

You can update to a correct version to use with SCAL2 if you update the firmware using the old Cricut Design Studio software. I did this several months ago because I accidentally updated my Create firmware with Cricut Craft Room and then it no longer worked in SCAL2. It worked after I rolled back the firmware with the old Cricut Design Studio that I had. I don't know if the free trial version is anywhere on the Internet but If you can find it and download it, that should also work. Just know that you cannot use both Cricut Craft Room and SCAL2 on your Create because they require different firmware versions.

If I understand it correctly, the Cricut Create is the only machine that will not work with both Cricut Craft Room and SCAL2 at the same time. This is because the newest firmware for the Create does not work with SCAL2. In addition--in order to use the online software, Cricut Craft Room forces the download of the newest firmware to your Create machine.Thus you have to decide if you want to use Cricut Craft Room or SCAL2 with your Create machine. My Expression will work with both programs even with the firmware upgrade; but, I have dedicated my Create to use cartridges and SCAL2 and Cricut Design Studio (no Cricut Craft Room). I use my Create when I am traveling in my Motorhome because the Create is more compact. I use the Expression at home for larger projects and when I want to use Cricut Craft Room.

Just to make sure I dragged my Expression and my old laptop out of the cupboard and dusted them off. You are incorrect about the firmware. The firmware on my Expression is 2.43. That is the most recent and final> firmware version. There have been no more Firmware updates since that one and there will not be any further updates. The files at -designstudio-reg-support/ are the most recent and final Design Studio program and cartridge update files. There will be no more of those. The first file is the Program update. The 2nd & 3rd files are cartridge updates. I have SCAL 2 on my laptopI have Design Studio on my laptopI can cut from both programs. (Only one can be open at a time or the Expression doesn't know which program to cut from).As far as I'm aware the only Cricut that can't be updated to the latest cricut firmware version and still be compatible with SCAL2 is the Cricut Create. Hope that helpsNarelle

Narelle, I have a cricut personal cutter and a cricut expresson. I recently sent my gypsy in for service. When I got it back it worked with the expression but when I tried to get it to work with the personal cutter, it said had to update the circuit. I believe that if I update (I now have v1.34) it will not work with SCAL2. I have the machines in two different locations so I use them both with the gypsy and with the SCAL2. What are your thoughts? If I update the personal cutter higher than v1.34 will it prevent me from using SCAL2. I'm so mad at PC for preventing us to use the programs we want with our machines. I've been tempted to go to a different machine, but have too much invested at this point. I would appreciate any help you can give. thanks.Charlotte

I have the original cricut expression but not a personal cutter. I recently researched the web for comments about updating firmware from 1.34 to 1.43. Craft room will also ask if you want to update firmware. From what I have seen consistently, DON'T DO IT!!! if you want to continue to use SCAL2. Many have said they did and then couldn't use SCAL2. PC customer service will tell you that the update works for some and not others...but I am not going to take that chance.Let's see what Narelle says. But it seems that PC programmers put something in the software to prevent usage. It is frustrating and outrageous - especially when SCAL2 was available PRIOR TO the lawsuit.

Thanks so much for your reply. I do have one other question. I've read on lone in different forums that some corteges will not work with the gypsy/cricut unless it has the latest firmware. Do you know anything about this and is there a way to tell if a cartridge requires a certain version of firmware? Appreciate your expertise on all this. Thanks, Charlotte

So I have read through the comments. I updated my cricut expression to 2.43. I haven't used my cricut in years. I didn't know anything went on between Scal and Cricut. I tried sending something to cut and it wouldn't work. Just stayed on checking mat. Do you have any suggestions for me. I really don't want to go buy the new cricut just to be able to cut my own images and fonts.

OK. So I currently have a Cricut Personal cutter that I used Craftroom to update to v1.45. I am running windows 8 and sometimes have an issue where craftroom does not recognize the machine. If I turn it on/off a few times and/or unplug the USB it will work for a period of time. Is this normal being that this machine is quite old?I am also looking at purchasing an Expression 2 machine. Which program do I need to update it to the most recent firmware? There are so many Cricut programs I am not sure what the order of them are.I know for the Personal cutter I had to use Design Studio, then Craftroom to update it. I see some posts saying that I need to use Sync to update the expression 2.Any guidance would be appreciated Narelle..

As of today 10/7/2016 I was able to update my cricut expressions to 2.43 and still use my SCAl2 program with no problems and now I can also use craftroom to cut also. When I select which version machine I have before cutting just choose v2.3. Tanks to all who previously commented.

I just had extensive email with Provo/cricut staff who said that if you download Cricut Design Studio from their website (seem to be many like me who still use it), the software will auto update a Cricut expression machine to ver 5.7, making it impossible to use the machine with SCAL2 software. As you know SCAL2 will only work with the machine if the firmware is not higher than 2.34. I am not going to take a change on installing CDS and loosing ability to use wonderful SCAL2. Now have to go back to using cartridges to cut with no software...ugh...all because of Provo greed.

If you already have Cricut Design Space downloaded on your computer, going to will take you to Design Space and open the New Machine Setup. But you can also just open Design Space, click on the icon with three lines in the upper left corner, choose New Machine Setup.


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