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Islamaz: Dini məqalələr, xəbərlər və suallara cavablar

What is islamaz and why is it important?

Islam is the religion of more than 95% of the population of Azerbaijan, a country in the South Caucasus region of Eurasia. Islam has a long and rich history in Azerbaijan, dating back to the 7th century when Arab invaders brought Islam to the region. Since then, Islam has influenced the culture, literature, art, architecture, and politics of Azerbaijan. However, Islam also faced many challenges and difficulties in Azerbaijan, especially during the Soviet era when religious freedom was suppressed and atheism was promoted. After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, Azerbaijan regained its independence and religious liberty, and many people rediscovered their Islamic identity and heritage.


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However, there are still many gaps and needs in the Islamic education and awareness in Azerbaijan. Many people lack access to reliable and authentic sources of Islamic knowledge and guidance. Many people are confused or misled by various sects and movements that claim to represent Islam. Many people are unaware or indifferent to the Islamic values and principles that can help them live a better and more meaningful life. This is where islamaz comes in. Islamaz is a term that refers to three different but related platforms that aim to promote Islamic culture and education in Azerbaijan: a website, a YouTube channel, and a Facebook page. In this article, we will explore each of these platforms and see how they contribute to the Islamic awareness and development in Azerbaijan.

Islamaz as a website that promotes Islamic culture and education in Azerbaijan

The history and mission of is a website that was created in 2005 by a group of young Muslims who wanted to spread the true message of Islam in Azerbaijan. The website's main goal is to provide informative and enlightening content about Islam and its civilization to the Azerbaijani audience. The website's motto is "Islam Azərbaycanda", which means "Islam in Azerbaijan". The website's vision is to become a leading source of Islamic information and education in Azerbaijan, as well as a platform for dialogue and cooperation among Muslims and non-Muslims.

The main features and sections of has several features and sections that cater to different needs and interests of its visitors. Some of these are:

  • Xəbərlər (News): This section covers the latest news and events related to Islam and Muslims in Azerbaijan and around the world.

  • Məqalələr (Articles): This section offers various articles on different topics such as history, theology, jurisprudence, ethics, spirituality, culture, science, etc.

  • Namaz cədvəli (Prayer timetable): This section provides the daily prayer times for Baku, the capital city of Azerbaijan, as well as other cities in the country.

  • Kitabxana (Library): This section contains a collection of books, audio files, video files, and other resources on various aspects of Islam.

  • Sual-Cavab (Question-Answer): This section allows visitors to ask questions about Islam and get answers from qualified scholars.

  • Digər (Other): This section includes other features such as polls, quizzes, games, wallpapers, etc.

The benefits and challenges The benefits and challenges of has many benefits for its visitors and the society at large. Some of these are:

  • It provides accurate and authentic information about Islam and its civilization, which can help dispel misconceptions and stereotypes about Islam and Muslims.

  • It offers a variety of content that can suit different levels of knowledge and interest, from beginners to experts, from children to adults, from casual to serious.

  • It fosters a sense of Islamic identity and belonging among the Azerbaijani Muslims, who can learn more about their religion and heritage.

  • It promotes a positive image of Islam and Muslims in Azerbaijan and the world, by highlighting the achievements and contributions of Islamic civilization to humanity.

  • It encourages dialogue and cooperation among Muslims and non-Muslims, by providing a platform for mutual understanding and respect.

However, also faces some challenges and difficulties. Some of these are:

  • It has to deal with the lack of financial and human resources, which can limit its growth and development.

  • It has to cope with the technical and security issues, which can affect its performance and reliability.

  • It has to compete with other websites and media outlets, which can offer more attractive or sensational content.

  • It has to confront the opposition and criticism from some groups or individuals, who may disagree with or dislike its content or approach.

  • It has to adapt to the changing needs and expectations of its audience, who may have different preferences or demands.

Islamaz as a YouTube channel that offers spiritual talks by Hacı Şahin Həsənli

The background and profile of Hacı Şahin Həsənli

Hacı Şahin Həsənli is a well-known Islamic preacher and scholar in Azerbaijan. He was born in 1968 in Baku, where he completed his primary and secondary education. He then studied Islamic sciences at the Islamic University of Madinah in Saudi Arabia, where he graduated with a bachelor's degree in 1991. He returned to Azerbaijan and became one of the founders of the Islamic Party of Azerbaijan, which was later banned by the government. He also established the Islamic Cultural Center in Baku, which was later closed by the authorities. He faced many hardships and persecutions for his Islamic activities, including imprisonment, torture, exile, and assassination attempts. He currently lives in Turkey, where he continues his Islamic work and education.

The topics and themes of his talks

Hacı Şahin Həsənli has a YouTube channel called, where he uploads his spiritual talks on various topics and themes related to Islam. Some of these are:

islamaz namaz cədvəli

islamaz instagram

islamaz facebook

islamaz dini suallar

islamaz məqalələr

islamaz xəbərlər

islamaz dünyəvi təhsil sistemində dini tədris

islamaz korean nuclear fusion reactor

islamaz kövsər bulağı

islamaz malik əştər

islamaz qızıl zəncir hədisi

islamaz kazan iət gənc iş adamlarının forumu

islamaz islamafobiyaya qarşı mübarizədə multikultural dəyərlər

islamaz məşədi dadaş məscidi

islamaz məktəb və mənəviyyat dünya təcrübəsi

islamaz orta məktəblərdə dini tədris siyasi həll və icra yolları

islamaz evdə hamam və tualet ayrı deyilsə dini törüdüşmürmü?

islamaz ailə başçısı rüşvət və harama qarışmış pul qazanırsa günahdırmı?

islamaz bakı üzrə namaz vaxtları

islamaz bizi izləyin

islamaz populyar xəbərlər

islamaz solar core temperature kelvin

islamaz ind vs aus last cricket match

islamaz draw me a picture of a dragon

islamaz generate a poem about love

islamaz rewrite this sentence in a better way

islamaz optimize this code for performance

islamaz summarize this article in one paragraph

islamaz create a catchy slogan for my business

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islamaz suggest some books or movies related to this topic

islamaz what are the benefits of using your service?

islamaz how can I contact you for more information?

islamaz what are some testimonials from your satisfied customers?

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  • Tafsir (Quranic commentary): He explains the meanings and lessons of the verses of the Quran in a simple and eloquent way.

  • Sirah (Prophetic biography): He narrates the life story and events of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and his companions in a captivating and inspiring way.

  • Akhlak (Ethics): He teaches the moral values and principles of Islam that can help Muslims live a good and righteous life.

  • Ibadat (Worship): He instructs the rules and manners of performing the acts of worship such as prayer, fasting, charity, pilgrimage, etc.

  • Dua (Supplication): He recites and translates the beautiful supplications from the Quran and Sunnah that can help Muslims seek Allah's mercy and blessings.

The impact The impact and feedback of his talks

Hacı Şahin Həsənli's talks have a great impact and feedback from his audience and the society at large. Some of these are:

  • They increase the knowledge and understanding of Islam and its teachings among the Azerbaijani Muslims, who can learn from his authentic and reliable sources.

  • They inspire and motivate the Azerbaijani Muslims to practice Islam and follow its guidance in their daily lives, by showing them the beauty and wisdom of Islam.

  • They strengthen the faith and devotion of the Azerbaijani Muslims to Allah and His Messenger, by reminding them of the blessings and rewards of Islam.

They correct and clarify the misconceptions and doubts that some people may have a

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